Alishia Mattee

VA : Hampton

  • Where I’m from:

    I grew up in a Navy family and so I’m from everywhere! I have yet to live somewhere more than 3 years. I claim Florida because that is where my parents settled and also where I graduated High School and married my high school sweetheart. My husband and I have 4 amazing kiddos: Caroline, Owen, Grace and Miles. The Air Force currently has our family in Virginia and we love it here.

  • Family:

    I am a wife to Zach and mom to Caroline, Owen ,Grace and Miles. We are a military family and love finding the hidden gems in each place we call home. My daughter’s love for all things music is the reason I found Singers Company.  She took some Singers Company classes in another area and her and I both fell in love with it!

  • Interests:

    I love exploring the world with my kids and husband. We like hiking and going to the beach on the weekends. Most days you can find me at our local library’s story time, at the gym, and/or making food at home with my kids. We are big into dance parties at our house!

  • Schooling:

    I got my Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a split minor in Graphic design and Photography from Brigham Young University—Idaho. Then later, I went back for my Master’s degree in Special Education from Liberty University. I love to learn!

    I am so excited to bring Singers Company to Virginia! It is so unique and I love all that it stands for. I know that our community and our girls will be better for it!


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    Alishia Mattee

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    Hampton, VA

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